My passion that led to over 36 years of gardening began when I was 6 years old. I remember the day when I was curious to see what would happen if I put corn & bean seeds in my mom’s houseplants. Their development and growth each day sparked a lifetime love of gardening.

Through gardening I developed a deep connection with bees. A few years back when I became aware of the trouble the bees were in and how devastating impact of CCD, Colony Collapse Disorder, I decided to refocus my gardening to plant as many bee-friendly flowers, trees & plants as I could. I also began to preparation for my first beehives.

What I found in my first year of beekeeping was the missing link in my passion. It was completing a circle from the rainwater I collect to water my plants from the soil that was built up over years of organic compost. This rainwater & compost created beautiful blooms from which the fruit & vegetables developed.

The bees were the link from pollination, not only increasing my yields, but also creating the most incredible honey I have ever tasted. I am constantly learning from the bees some days just spending hours watching them returning to the hive with pollen from all of the garden blooms.

My ultimate goal and vision is to create a bee sanctuary that is open to the public where kids can come on classroom field trips,put on their bee suits and see hands on how the entire cycle works from rain water collection to the compost which feeds the plants and fruiting trees to the cherries they could pick which were pollinated by the bees. Then be able to come see the hives and learn about the life cycle of the bees,the different roles they play throughout their lives and how the honey is created from the plants on the sanctuary.

This organization is dedicated to the love & passion of getting as many people as we can to help bees. It is my vision that with your help ~ the bees can be saved!

~ Eric Patno


The NW Honey Bee Habitat Restoration is a Non-profit Research & Education foundation organized with the purpose of increasing, preserving and protecting the honey bees & pollinators to improve the quality of all life for generations to come.

Our mission is to plant as much pesticide free honeybee habitat and pollinator pathways as we can to help create urban safe zones for pollinators which will help fight habitat loss and provide much needed pesticide free forage. We also provide public education and unwanted honeybee swarm removal and relocation.

Some before and after pics of some of our community projects

Mountlake Terrace Highschool pollinator pathway project