What Can I Do?

Donate to Increase Bee Habitat Restoration

Your generous support will be used to purchase habitat restoration materials including plants, compost, tools, equipment for swarm removals, and hives to house new bees. The donations will be used to preserve and create a pesticide free sanctuary to help honey bees flourish.

Voluteer for Bee Habitat Projects & Fund Raisers

We need support of all kinds to help fund our nonprofit operations. Please contact us if you would to host an event to help us grow.

Hold a Fund Raiser in Your Community

Volunteers are essential to helping in restoration efforts. From the smallest scale to city park or large plot operations. They are the muscle and the “boots on the ground” first hand efforts to restoring much needed pollinator habitat and corridors.

Lead a Community Bee Habitat Project

This is another great way to get involved. For a donation consultations can be scheduled if you would like to lead a community bee habitat project in your area.

Avoid Using Pesticides

Chemicals and pesticides such as roundup and weed killers are poisonous to all pollinators and can carry toxins into the pollen grains of dandelions and other flowers that grow in that same area from residual contamination.

Bee Green

Install Mason bee homes as well as leaving hollow stemmed plant stalks, reeds and other nesting sites for native bees as well as leaving a sandy undisturbed area for ground nesting bees.

Remember to Leave the Leaves

As well as providing protection, the leaves offer a safe place for moths and butterflies to lay their eggs which will overwinter and emerge next spring. Insects are a critical part of the ecosystem. They are an important food source for birds, reptiles and other animals. Helping our Insects in any way we can means helping to support a healthy ecosystem.



The Smallest Effort
Can Bring Enormous Change